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Life At Sea



Company: BP Maritime Services

College: Warsash Maritime Academy – Southampton Solent University

Programme Phase: (FdSc) Marine Operations Phase 1



I have always had an interest in the sea from an early age and spent a lot of time on the water. I live in a busy port town and have always taken an interest in the ships coming and leaving the harbour. This was an excellent opportunity to gain professional qualifications whilst having the opportunity to travel the world and earn a good salary that wasn’t your average office job Monday to Friday 9-5.


I am just completing my final lectures this week and I am revising in preparation for my Phase One exams which are starting soon. I am looking forward to doing all of the short courses which are excellent fun according to the other cadets in later phases! I’m also looking forward for some time to unwind after hopefully passing all the exams. Then off to sea!


I have not yet been yet. I will hopefully be going in the month of June. I am looking forward to actually getting to experience the stuff we do in the class first hand and applying all of the theory to practical applications at sea. Although I have not yet been to sea, my colleagues and I were very fortunate as BP arranged for us to go and visit one of their vessels in dry dock in Falmouth. This was a great day out and for many of my colleagues the first time they had been aboard a ship.


I’m glad to say none so far. Like I say I haven’t yet been away to sea. I do hear that some people do get a bit homesick to start with however all BP vessels are equipped with an internet service for sending and receiving emails and there is also a satellite phone which we can use to call home regularly so although you may be half way around the world home is only a phone call away!


Hopefully at the end of my cadetship I will be awarded with my Officer of the Watch certificate which will hopefully lead to gaining employment as a Third or possibly Second Officer. Once I have reached the rank of Third/Second Officer I would like to progress up the career ladder and to then go for the MCA Masters oral examination which upon passing will lead to the possession of a Master Mariner’s ticket then the sky is the limit!!

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