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The challenges and the opportunities. The unforgettable moments and the day-to-day stuff. Our Careers at Sea Ambassadors are perfectly placed to give a first-hand account of life in the Merchant Navy.

We have volunteers based all over the UK, keen to spread the word about their industry, these volunteers put on lively, inspiring presentations. These are aimed mainly at 14-19 year olds – making them ideal for careers days. But they’re also flexible enough to work as a one-off talk, suitable for all ages. Along with fun quizzes, films and lots of information, Ambassadors explain the various entry routes into a maritime career, and the education and training courses available.

Careers at Sea Ambassador of the Year Award

The Careers at Sea Ambassador of the Year Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, passion and impact in promoting a career at sea. The award aims to honour Ambassadors who have significantly contributed to inspiring and guiding individuals towards rewarding careers in the maritime sector.

The Careers at Sea Ambassador of the Year Award will be presented annually during the UK Chamber of Shipping’s Gala Dinner in February each year, with the winner receiving a ticket to attend the dinner, up to £200 in costs to attend the dinner, as well as a commemorative trophy and certificate of recognition.

More details:

✔ The nominee must be a Careers at Sea Ambassador.

✔ Only individuals, organisations, or institutions involved in maritime education and training can vote to nominate an Ambassador.

✔Nominations to include a detailed description of the nominee’s accomplishments supported by evidence, testimonials, or endorsements.

✔ Nominations will close on the 31st October of each year.

To nominate an Ambassadors to receive this award, please complete this form and return to

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A career in the Merchant Navy offered me the best of both worlds. Fully funded higher education and a paid salary with superb career prospects.


Imagine it… It's midnight, pitch black and you are responsible for safely navigating the ship through the endless miles of open ocean.... In what other job could you that!?


This is my place of work; I get to spend all day staring out the window. I can remember at school being told that I wouldn't learn anything from looking out the windows!