Careers At Sea

Officer trainee Honours Degree course

Honours degree courses will be either in Nautical Science; Navigation and Maritime Science; or Mechanical and Marine Engineering, depending on your seafaring route. Direct entry to these courses is only available through the UCAS system for a very limited number of sponsored places, which will depend on each sponsoring organisation and their university partners.

The grades you need:

80-112 UCAS points from your A levels or Scottish Highers. And GCSE Grades A or B / 9-6 or equivalent Scottish Standard/National 5’s in English, Maths, a Science-based subject plus at least one other. This may vary so so do your research on application pages before applying

Is this the course for you?

If you want the full academic environment and the chance to dive into independent research, this could be what you are looking for. It will take you longer than the other courses, and only a very few companies use this route, so be aware, getting your onboard training might not be easy. But you will get your Honours degree over the four years of the course in one go, rather than coming back to do it at a later date.