Careers At Sea

Moving ashore

British seafarer expertise and qualifications are highly regarded throughout the world. So the sky really is the limit for your ambitions. And while some seafarers spend their whole career at sea, you could take it ashore. A career at sea doesn’t always mean working on the water. In shipping companies or other marine industries your skills and experience will be in great demand.

Find out more about career development ashore on the Careers at Sea and Beyond interactive map

Typical shore-based posts include:

  • surveying ships to check seaworthiness 
  • ports and harbour management and pilotage 
  • lecturers in colleges/universities 
  • maritime regulatory authorities 
  • ship repair and marine equipment production management 
  • marine insurance 
  • ship broking and finance 
  • ship classification 
  • maritime law and arbitration 
  • offshore exploration