Careers At Sea


Age: 32

Current Position: Captain

Company: Gulfmark

I heard about the Merchant Navy through a friend in the industry. And the prospect of being paid to travel all over the world drew me to look into a career at sea myself.

After completing a degree in Nautical Science, I began work as a Deck Officer aboard general cargo ships. I managed to work my way up to the rank of Captain before my 32nd birthday – something I’m really proud of.

From general cargo I moved on to captain Anchor Handling Towing and Supply (AHTS) vessels for Gulfmark. We’re responsible for manoeuvring offshore oil and gas rigs into the right place, and anchoring them to the seabed.

It’s challenging work, and as Captain I often have to solve problems in extreme conditions. Each rig move is different and brings its own sets of challenges, such as the weather conditions or the location. Anchor handling has taken me to all sorts of places – from the North Sea to South East Asia.

During my career I have travelled the world, seen so many amazing sights, and met and worked with some real characters. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

My friends are intrigued by what I do. I’m away for long stretches of time, which can be difficult for my family. But I do also get lots of leave.