Careers At Sea



Current Position: Third Officer


The Merchant Navy has continued to deliver exciting adventures and experiences for me, and it’s all amazing as when I was a teenager I didn’t know anything about the Merchant Navy!

Chatting to a friend who’s Father had once been a Master Mariner, he suggested that it would be an interesting job for a young person, which involved travel, pay, and education. So I made contact with a recruitment agency and was given the chance of a career that changed my life forever.

Completing my training, I served in the rank on Efficient Deck Hand, until I had gained enough sea time. Then I served as an Able bodied Seafarer Rank (AB) on a variety of different vessels, from general cargo to platform supply to roll on roll off ferries. 

The job was always rewarding and demanding.

AB’s are the back bone of the ship, applying specialist knowledge to areas such as fabric maintenance of the ship and its equipment, serving as the front line defence for any onboard emergency as well as being directly involved in the loading and discharging of the ship’s cargo.

The opportunity to ‘step up’ was offered to me by my employer. The JW Slater Scholarship fund was pivotal in this, and with pride, I attained my first Certificate of Competency where I continued my career serving as a junior officer on a small ro-ro ferry. This was a big change for me and with the guidance and coaching of some of the best Officers I’ve sailed with, I was able to grow and develop.

The main thing I have learned from my experience is how important it is to be open to learning each day of your working life. Talent and your hard work will allow you to achieve successes and also have a great time in a worthwhile career.